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Choosing a high school for your daughter is an exciting and challenging process. It may also be the first step in an educational journey that influences the rest of her life. Book a tour to find out more. REGISTER ONLINE
We consider the admissions process at St Anne’s College to be a vital part of that journey and we are here to help you, as a family, explore everything that the College has to offer. Book a tour to find out more. REGISTER ONLINE
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The admissions process for entry into Grade 8 (Form 2) commences in January of your daughter’s Grade 7 year.

Applications for Grade 8, 2018 will close on Friday, 24 March 2017. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY NEW APPLICATIONS AFTER THIS DATE.

The process involves:
  • submission of a copy of your daughter’s end-of-Grade 6 school report
  • an interview with the College Head, involving you and your daughter
  • an overnight stay and participation in our Academic Benchmarking Tests (English and Mathematics). This normally occurs in the first half of May. Provision is made for girls to write the Tests outside the country, provided the previous two points have been addressed
  • written confirmation of acceptance of an offer of enrolment at St Anne’s, together with payment of an Enrolment Fee, by the due date
  • completion of an Enrolment Contract and submission thereof by the due date


An Admissions Selection Committee considers various criteria when offering a girl admission to St Anne’s.

Grade 7 girls admissions exam
The admission criteria include:
  • results in the Academic Benchmarking Tests
  • the quality of her Grade 6 report
  • notes made after the interview with the College Head
  • family ties
  • a girl’s special talents
  • the specific needs of the College


Which option is for you?

  • Boarding intake: approximately 60% Termly Boarders and 40% Weekly Boarders
  • Weekly Boarding is applicable, at the discretion of the College, only to girls whose permanent home address is within an approximate 100km radius of the College (for example, Umhlanga, Isipingo, Estcourt and Bulwer)
  • Day Boarders – a minimum of 16% of the total intake each year. This group forms a very important part of the St Anne’s community and generally benefits from the fact that St Anne’s is a boarding school
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A number of BURSARIES are available to parents who cannot afford the full fees. Bursary Application Forms are available upon request from our Admissions Office and applications should be submitted by the end of April of your daughter’s Grade 7 year, before she comes to write our Academic Benchmark Test in May. These applications are handled by a separate Bursary Committee who work independently from the Admissions Committee. Bursaries are awarded to families based solely on financial need.

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The St Anne’s Board supported a proposal that from 2015, St Anne’s no longer offers any new scholarships. The bulk of the money has instead be used to fund bursaries, which are awarded on the basis of financial need.


Initial contact should be made with staff in the Admissions office – either verbally, or by email. This will establish whether or not to continue with an application. If an application is made, the following documents should be submitted to the Admissions office:
    • a Registration Form and registration fee payment details;
    • the applicant’s latest full end-of-year report;
    • any subsequent reports;
    • the applicant’s CV;
    • any supporting documents, certificates or references for recent achievements;
    • a covering letter from the applicant’s parents outlining their reasons for considering a move to St Anne’s.
The application will then be assessed for possible addition to the Waiting List.
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