About Us

Providing a nurturing, holistic education for our young women.


St Anne’s Diocesan College is an independent girls’ high school situated in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, with a long tradition of providing excellent, balanced and globally relevant education. The College was founded in Pietermaritzburg in 1877, before moving to Hilton Village in 1904. The name ‘Diocesan College’ indicates our membership of the Anglican Church and the Diocese of KwaZulu-Natal.

The College has a large boarding contingent, accommodating both weekly and termly boarders from all over South Africa, neighbouring countries, and abroad. Day boarders are also welcomed warmly and, as their title suggests, they are encouraged to spend most of the day at school to enjoy a full St Anne’s experience.

St Anne’s offers an empowering array of subjects and we pride ourselves on our outstanding academic teaching and learning. Our girls receive a school-provided laptop as they arrive and our excellent teachers assist them in maximising the benefit of the device which makes their learning more immediate and interactive, and gives them a distinct advantage for life after school.

We are committed to providing a holistic education for each girl who has every opportunity to develop as an individual, whether in spirituality, academics, sport, music, drama and with her general wellness, sense of belonging, and happiness, being prioritised.


Our purpose at St Anne’s is to be the fertile ground to nurture women of significance who will impact on others positively through their warmth, kindness, integrity, confident sense of identity, responsible use of their voice, leadership and meaningful actions.


To be regarded widely for providing an excellent environment for young women to thrive, while growing a sense of belonging.

Our Values

A Christian foundation committed to:

  • Reflect: Integrity, Respect, Self-discipline
  • Embrace: Intellectual Curiosity, Diversity, Collaboration
  • Reach Out: Compassion, Humility, Service.


Girls joining St Anne’s enter into a rich tradition, a heritage that began in 1877 and which, to this day, is very much a part of the St Anne’s culture. As a school with a colourful and influential history, we seek to combine our long-standing traditions with progressive thinking to provide girls with a comprehensive, holistic, modern, values-driven education which will serve them well throughout their adult years.

St Anne’s is a school with traditions, without being a ‘traditional’ school. Our buildings serve as a good metaphor for this – on the outside, you’ll see the traditional red brick; take a look inside, and you’ll find modern decor, bright colours and the latest technology.

It’s this blend of tradition and transformation that sets St Anne’s apart as we nurture the 21st Century St Anne’s Old Girl who is set to make her unique mark on the modern world.