Our holistic curriculum develops competent, curious and capable young women

With a diverse curriculum, St Anne’s provides a globally-relevant education that goes beyond what can be found in schoolbooks. We support an education that will be useful in all facets of our girls’ futures and will prepare them to face the challenges of the ‘real world’.

Through our passionate staff, extensive facilities, and values-based approach to the skills development, it’s our goal to inspire a natural love for learning within our girls.

St Anne’s focuses on facilitating holistic education for each one of our girls, nurturing girls to possess an intellectual curiosity and a love of learning for its own sake. Irrespective of their subject package, St Anne’s girls have an appreciation and understanding of both the Arts and the Sciences and their impact on our world, as well as a wide general knowledge extending far beyond the immediate content of their subjects.

In Grade 9, girls start the process of selecting their Matric subject packages. Two full-time educational psychologists, together with our teaching staff, provide advice and guidance to help girls balance their career aspirations and interests to find the perfect fit for their futures.


Accounting, Afrikaans, Consumer Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, English, Design & Technology, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Information & Digital Literacy, isiZulu, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Sciences as well as Advanced Programme English and Advanced Programme Mathematics.

  • Subjects Offered

    We assist our girls in balancing their career goals and talents when choosing their subject packages in Grade 9, helping them make the most of their academic careers and laying the foundation for their successful futures.
  • Outdoor Education

    Outdoor education is an integral aspect of our girls' holistic development, allowing them to nurture their respect for the natural world. In addition, our annual excursions complement each subject’s focus, enriching the syllabus and learning experience.
  • Media Centre

    Our media centre is a warm, spacious and well-stocked hub of our College. Girls and staff make use of our substantial resources for studying, researching or reading for enjoyment. The centre is equipped with computers, printing facilities and plenty of work tables. The culture of reading has become a firm tradition at St Anne’s.
  • Matric Results

    We are immensely proud of the results that our girls produce in the IEB National Senior Certificate Examinations which are particularly impressive when analysed in the context of the holistic curriculum that is characteristic of a St Anne’s education.